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  • I have read around and found to my understanding that its not possible to post to a page. Is this right or is it a workaround to this?

    I would like all post to be presented at the first page, but I will like the post to also go under different pages.
    I.e. lets say I have a page called Programs.
    And I crate a new post, call it mediamonkey, and add tags “media, music, computer etc” and when I publish it, I want it to be published at the front page, but also under programs page.

    Is this possible somehow?

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  • Do not use a “page”…

    Use “category”…

    When you publish a post in the category “programs”, it will be published on the home page, and also in the category “programs”…

    Then, when you will browse this category, using the links to do so in your side bar, only the posts in the category “programs” will be displayed…


    I have understood this, but I would like to have pages to catogorize my main topics, and also to use categories on a wider level.
    I.e. an post about mediamonkey. This is put under a page called Programs, but I also put it into categories like computer, music, etc.

    Is this possible?

    Try this plug-in, Inline Posts.

    It may or may not help. But it does what you want.

    Hola syklitengutt

    If you want to use a page, this is how to do it.

    Create a page template.

    Upload it to your theme directory.

    Go in wp-admin, write a page, but do not put any content. Just a title. Then choose your template you just upload for the page template in the right column.

    Now, you can edit this page template with anything you like, a loop with a query_posts to display the category you want for instance.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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