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  • HI,
    I recently made my homepage static and created a seperate blog for my blog posts. but now my blog post titles have disappeared and the only way I can see them is when I click on the ‘find out more’ link.

    I’m not a techie but I was wondering if anyone knows how I can show my blog titles prior to clicking the ‘find out more’ link??

    here’s my site

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  • How did you create that blog page did you create blank blog page and select that page as post page in Settings>>>> Reading

    Hi Govpatel and thanks for your prompt reply

    I created a blank blog page first, made the homepage static and then selected the blog page as my ‘post page’… yes i did so from the ‘reading’ section of the settings menu

    Then your theme blog template needs have the title code in to include Title in posts.

    i don’t have a great technical knowledge. can you send instructions please/

    what theme are you using is it free one in repository.

    it’s the Affiliate theme which I paid for

    ok depending how your theme is coded you will need to look for loop that brings the posts on page see if that has title in the code.

    Thank you

    but where can I find the ‘loop that brings the posts on page’ and what does the code that ‘has title in’ look like

    Your blog posts should appear on the index.php. When I click on one of your topics, I can see the title of the post. This page is generated by using either the archive.php or category.php (most likely archive.php).

    Open both of these templates and see what the difference is.

    The archive.php should have something like <?php the_title();?> in there. That’s the code that prints the title.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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