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  • Hi. I have searched far and wide for an answer to this and can’t find anything that doesn’t just tell me to go and replace code somewhere. I am in the unfortunate gray area of people who switched from to .org in order to gain more control over my site, but don’t have any coding experience and now can’t get things right. Not a fun position to be in.

    So here’s my issue: When I put a link from one of my posts into Facebook, FB doesn’t grab the right information. At first, it was getting the post title and image right, but the description was a mess. I installed NGFB Open Graph+, thinking that would fix it. Well, the descriptions improved, but the post title was replaced by the title of my site, and the images are pretty random now.

    I created a page on my site to showcase screenshots of what it looks like, my settings, etc.

    Here’s another interesting thing: With this new page that I JUST CREATED, the link works beautifully. ??????????????????

    Now I’m thinking that I need to do something to the old posts to get them “refreshed.” Any ideas? I’m getting really desperate now. Manually changing my FB links once they’re up is not a good option, because I want my readers to be able to send the posts to other people, and they won’t edit the links themselves.

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  • By the way, I’m posting this on Yoast SEO because that’s the last plug-in I installed to try and fix the problem, and it didn’t seem to do anything. the NGFB Open Graph guy is convinced the problem is with the theme and not on his end, and since Yoast is so highly rated, I’m hoping there’s something I can do with this plug-in to resolve the whole issue.

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