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    Firstly, thank you for providing this service.

    1. I am okay with only Text Posts getting exported without any of the images

    2. There is one issue I am facing: it appears each Post Title needs to be less than 200 characters. This is not possible for me.

    3. I am not running the WordPress site live – only check the live version on the internet for any noticeable error & make it offline again.

    4. Your plugin gave me the below error :
    The combined length of all the labels must be under 200 characters. Please reduce categories or tags for this post. (now:254)

    Note: My Categories and Tags are only a single word. They are max 8 to 10 characters.
    example: tech, news, events, funny, finance, (etc),

    Note: I believe it is not referring to Category or Tag word length, but the length of the “Title” / “Heading” of each Post.

    5. Also, perhaps, the way WordPress Export offers selection of Dates – maybe you could offer selection ogf number of Posts to be exported through Date Selection – because indeed Blogger/Blogspot automatically fails to export due to large number of posts.
    – (even though the help page claims there is no size limit)

    6. Anyways, thank you again for any future updates you may be able to offer on this plugin.

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    Hi there,

    Here is an update :

    1. Since in WordPress there is two separate concepts of “Category” and “Tags” – I had only three Categories and about 200 + Tags. (running WordPress since 2011, was naive & still learning)

    2. On the test server, I have removed all but the basic twelve Tags.

    3. So now my total import is 2 categories and 12 tags – which in Blogger Terms should mean 14 “Labels”.

    4. The XML File Size is 6.67 MB and Blogger upload says that I will start seeing posts as they get uploaded.
    – of course I have disabled “auto-publish” imported posts, but if I see any posts from old WordPress sites in my Blogger Dashboard, it would mean the problem was having too many Tags in WordPress.

    5. At least, Blogger did not say import fail as it does many times for files bigger than 600 KB (using other tools to export images from WordPress).

    – but I have noticed that so many times Blogger promised posts will appear but even after over 48 hours has passed nothing got imported.

    Will post back here if this Plugin has worked for me to Export “Posts”.

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    Hello – IT WORKS FOR ME NOW.

    You can close this thread for this happy user.

    1. It was indeed the number of Tags causing the issue.

    2. You should just rename the Error so that people understand they won’t have to rename all their Posts’ title / heading.

    3. All the Text in the Posts have populated in 50 minutes. The formatting for Italic has also carried forward.
    – the absent image placeholder is completely okay. I will do it manually since I am relearning Blogger after having stopped using it for years of blogging on Blogger.

    (if anyone was wondering why anyone will leave wonderful WordPress – I just couldn’t pass up the incredible integrated products of Google Workspace which is so much affordable and settings which can be changed.
    – of course Google Domains also came out of Beta last year and Blogger & Google Sites works for most individual users.
    – corporates can afford the Security expense. Here it is “integrated”)

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