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  1. Anyone know why the post_thumbnail wouldn't be grabbing the right thumbnail size on one server but it is on the next?

    I have this on the live site -

    and this was my testing site:

    Obviously I would like the 150 x 150 thumbnails to display.

    Here is my function.php code if that helps:

  2. Turns out that during the db move, WordPress no longer recognizes the image dimensions. I'm trying to move the site via content import instead... Let's see if that works.
    Not sure why a simple db move would cause this error.

    Other than changing the path in wp_options and wp_post, is there something else that needs to be done during a db move?

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    Um - will you let me live if I suggest that you review Moving_WordPress in case you missed a step? ;-) Are the post thumbs being defined within the theme? If so, have you checked to see if those dimensions are being ported across correctly in the wp_options(?) table? Was the theme name changed at all?

  4. I'm not sure where in the wp_options the image dimensions should be ported across. When I look in the admin after the move, everything is as it should be except the image date doesn't exist.

    I have no idea where the image data resides in the db. Does anyone know.

    Here's a recap of what I did.

    Downloaded a copy of the db.
    Moved the entire content of my wp-content folder from my testing server to the live including all of the upload folder.
    Ran the sql on the new server using phpMyadmin and inserted all of the data
    Changed the siteurl and home url to new path... that's it.

    The site, looks great, but none of the image data is there. The images show up in the Media Library, but they don't seem to exist?

    This is so friggin weird.....

  5. I probably should have mentioned that this was happening for all of the images that were associated with my product custom post type.

    Instead of migrating the db, I decided to import the content via xml. I did this and got the site up and running, but the images were not attached. I simply went through them all manually and attached them to the CPT.

    Anyway, it works now and hopefully the site can go live tomorrow.

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