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  • I’m still fairly new to the creating WordPress Themes, I’m trying to include the post thumbnail with my loop but I’m running into an issue, and I tried searching for a solution but haven’t been able to find one.

    I have enabled my theme to use post thumbnails and have used the call on my custom page but what is happening is if for some reason a post isn’t given a thumbnail it causes the post that does have a thumbnail to push up to the next recent article so for example if i have (most current post at the top):

    Post 1 – no thumbnail
    Post 2 – thumbnail
    Post 3 – no thumbnail
    Post 4 – thumbnail

    it ends up displaying like:

    Post 1 – thumbnail from post 2
    Post 2 – no thumbnail
    Post 3 – thumbnail from post 4
    Post 4- no thumbnail

    my code for the page is as follows:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Could someone point me in the right direction of how to correct this?

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  • Michael


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    this might be a css issue – please post a link to your site.

    It might be something with the CSS but I tried a few different ways and couldn’t seem to fix it. @_@

    Here is a link to the testing site:



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    try and add a ‘float:left;’ to this style:

    /* == POSTS == */
    article[id*=post-] {
    	padding: 10px 0;

    not widely tested, hopefully this does not cause any problems elsewhere.

    thanks alchymyth that appears to have worked. I tried numerous other CSS values but didn’t think to add a float to the article[id*=post-].

    just out of curiosity would there have been a better way to achieve the end style (thumbnail to the left of the post) than what I currently just did?

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