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    Hello All,

    I have a test site being created for a movie theater and trying to pull a specific category that is separated from my homepages blog. I used Category Excluder plugin, works great, I set my loop in the proper place..its pulling the text from the post no problem..but with NO IMAGE (or table formatting, just uses line breaks and <p> tags??). Once I click the post link, it will take me to the post page and voila, the image, the table, everything is perfect. Its just on the index page where I’m having the trouble.


    As you can see, the home site blog pulls images perfectly fine, but when you scroll down on the cinema page, nix image and table formatting (Showtimes).

    I was going to adjust a new category page to match my theater template..but I’m trying to fix this first. My /blog/ (home site blog), is separate from my /clients/cinema/index.php page, and its able to pull from the header.php in /blog/ no problem..if that helps.

    PLEASE HELP, I’m considering just creating a new SQL table and developing a straight admin back-end to facilitate, but WP is ideal. Thanks for any suggestions..let me know if I can fill in the blanks for you.


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  • My possible solutions:

    1. install entirely new WP blog into new directory. No muss, no fuss.
    2. develop PHP/SQL admin CMS.
    3. sacrifice woodland creature to appease gods of css

    Zach, as far as I can see, the HOMEPAGE uses the manually set “Read more” from the toolbar in the edit window. It uses the_content in the template (probably index.php in your theme files) but you set manually where you want to break it off. The_content keeps images/thumbnails and links.

    Cinmea’s 8 uses an archive or category template with the_excerpt (because I see […] this one). The_excerpt takes ot the images and the hyperlinks.
    Read here:

    Hmm..unfortunately, I set the LOOP to include the content if the excerpt isn’t present:

    <?php if ( is_category() || is_archive() ) {
    												} else {
    												} ?>

    So that can’t be the issue. It would seem that not even installing an entirely new blog in a different folder is going to work either…when I try opening the admin in the browser, all I get is:

    The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    Ugh, should I look into another CMS, or just start building a simple back-end?? If this isn’t going to work, I might as well get to the drawing board…any other suggestions?

    Sorry about the loose link, btw ;p

    Here: only the first post is missing the image, some css and it has a clickable title (looks asan excerpt) the next 5 or so look like full content with image.

    This gives your 404?:

    Anymore takers??

    Sorry henkholland and thank you, didn’t mean to overlook your entry! Yes, I’ve made some changes since yesterday, let me explain.

    I’ve had to uninstall WP blog (/cinemas8/movies/) off the site, and retried fixing the category reference + Category Excluder, which is what you see on the cinemas8/index.php page now. That first entry is actually the code for that attempt…the rest are written in DIRECTLY to the page so disregard those. SO JUST TO BE CLEAR, the ‘Up in the Air’ entry is referenced from the root /blog/ and is NOT an excerpt but the full post content (not sure how the [..] is getting pulled)…only it shows NO image, and NO table formatting. This is my dilemma.

    Ok, for my #1 new install solution listed above with the redirecting issue…it turns out its a problem with my htaccess file. I have set it to fix my canonical issue…but if I take it out, I’m able to get to my new WP blog in right now, I’m taking out my htaccess file for anyone to see FOR JUST TODAY. So please, let me know what your thoughts are.

    So, the question NOW is do I reference /blog/ and find some way to fix the no image, no formatting issue…OR fix my htaccess file to stop the www redirect while still redirecting root folders for canonical issues?

    (*WHEW*)..what a pain.. Ugh, keep forgetting to close the darn TAG!


    Solution: Created new blog in /cinemas8/clients/wp/ and referenced that instead of root /blog/ + Category Excluder, AND the htaccess didn’t need to be changed at all. Just go into /wp-admin/ > Settings, and change the WordPress and Blog Address (URL) to match the canonical changes in your htaccess (from ‘http://zachmcque…’ to http://www.zachmcque…’.

    Sometimes the simplest solution, is the best solution!

    Gracias mes amis gives an image but no text wrapping gives an image with the text niely at the side.

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