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  • I use Yahoo pipes to aggregate multiple RSS feeds into one single feed and then import that into WordPress using Feedwordpress. I know that with Feedwordpress we can assign tags to all the posts syndicated by a single feed but I’d like to do something a little different.

    Is there a way to structure an RSS feed so when it’s imported into WordPress, it will read the tags I’ve programatically assigned to the post.

    For example, in a single RSS feed I’d import, I’d have Post 1 with the tag “Twitter” and in Post 2 I’d like it to be tagged “Facebook”. I’d use Yahoo pipes to work how which posts get what tag. I’d just need to know:
    1. Can code be placed in an RSS feed that WordPress will interpret as a “tag”

    2. If so what’s the syntax.

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  • This sounds like a question for yahoo pipes.
    I wonder where to ask it, but I am not sure that people here would answer you (I hope to be proven wrong).

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