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  • Hi all. I’m having a problem with some tag pages displaying ID’s within the title tags rather than the name of the tag itself.

    Example: The page for the tag “iPhone for Business” should have the title “iPhone for Business | Apple iPhone Review” but instead it’s “77 | Apple iPhone Review”:

    The weird thing is that some tags show in the title correctly, like the tag “iPhone videos”:

    Any idea how I can fix those pages that are displaying numbers in the title instead of tags?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • I have a similar issue.

    I imported my WP from an old host/domain to a new isntall. Everything came across fine except the tags – they all showed as numbers.

    I went through every post and retagged.

    Now, in the title of a page some tags display fine, some don’t display at all and some still display numbers.

    My tag cloud can be seen and explored here

    I had a quick look in the SQL db (scary!) but couldn’t see a reference to tags.

    Many thanks


    I had the same problem, but I installed the Tag Managing Thing plugin and it let me delete the numbered tags. I had to reinsert the correct tags, but it still solved the problem.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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