• I just published my second post today and afterward, I noticed that any tags I entered in for today’s post are now on my first post and all of my tags I entered for my first post are now in my second post as well. I went back to the backend post page and only the tags I originally entered are showing.

    How can I delete the tags that don’t belong and prevent this from happening in the future?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • You’ll need to first determine where this is coming from before you can figure out how to prevent it. Try the usual WordPress debugging techniques.

    I’d start by disabling all your plugins to see if that resolves the issue.

    Also, have you edited any theme or WordPress core files?

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    What is a usual debugging technique? I’ve googled debugging WordPress and and found this


    Under the first heading I see this:

    It is not recommended to use WP_DEBUG or the other debug tools on live sites; they are meant for local testing and staging installs.

    My site is live, so should I avoid debugging it?

    Is there another way I could identify why the tags are not displaying correctly on my site?

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    I was looking into your response too much kjodle, thank you for helping out.

    I’ve figured it out. It was caused by using the tag cloud widget of elementor.

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