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  • Today on my website all the categories are missing along with all my post tags….what happened, I have not changed anything???

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  • This has happened to me to as of yesterday.

    This seems to be a fairly common issue but I still have not come to a resolve. There are a number of posts and blogs everywhere indicating this.

    This is what I have tried to no avail:

    1) Check your SQL; Login to Your Cpanel, Click on MySQL Databases, Click on the Check Database, Once your Database has been checked, click the Go Back link, Click the Repair Database, Click the Go Back link.

    2) Check your temp folder as it may be full

    3) Disable all of your plugins, if your category and tags come back enable one at a time to see which one is the problem.

    4) Call your host provider as they may be able to assit you in performing a backup from a previous day.

    I hope this information helps you as I had to call my host provider but I suspect that they will not get to restoring it until Monday.

    If you find a solution please post it as I am completely frustrated with the problem. Thanks!

    It seems as if this might be a wordpress issue that a lot of people are having, and no one knows how to fix it! It’s frustrating for me because my website is on the front pages of google-yahoo-bing search results. I get a constant flow of traffic…and my front page is (Empty) I had my hosting company do a backup and it changed nothing. Why is this happening and why isn’t wordpress administrators trying to fix this issue!! You can’t contact them directly, you have to post in this forum and hope that somebody responds to your post…that’s the only thing I don’t like about wordpress!!

    It would be great if wordpress had a “Live Chat” for support, or a phone number you could call for assistance!

    Okay…I don’t know if this is the issue, but it seems very odd. In my Plug-in’s section, all of my active plug-ins are missing: Dynamic Content Gallery, Wp Robot 3 and many others.

    When I do a search for these plug-ins, it says that they are already installed…but they are missing from my plug-ins page…

    Could this be the issue and if so how do I fix it…anybody???

    Update: Active plugins returned, but still not showing categories or post tags…Hosting company doing another restore, we will see what happens.

    I did the Check/Repair on the SQL database and it changed nothing!

    Okay…Just as it’s happened to others in this forum, my categories and post tags have all returned out of the blue. Everything is working fine now. So weird!!

    It took a restore from my host company to resolve. The resolve came this morning around 4:00am and a confirmation came from my host company as well.

    Brightsway, perhaps for everyone else’s troubleshooting of this do you feel the restore from your host company resolved this issue as well?

    Well — The tags shows up in my posts, but I can’t add new or old into new posts.
    I tried to add old tags in new posts — but I can’t even click the bloody “add” button!!??

    What’s going on here? I had the previous WP installed so I upgraded, nothing changed the tags are unable to be added into new or old posts. I’ve plenty of space in my database as well.

    I just can’t believe it, so frustrating that you/us/we can’t get in contact with WordPress. I can’t even post a new thread here!!

    Hey everyone, as it turns out the restore that my hosting company did on my website did not work. They wanted to totally rebuild my website (changing all the images and posts) I hesitated on the rebuild…it’s good that I did because today everything is working fine!

    I still don’t understand what happened and probably never will. Some people are saying that this issue happens a lot and “Fixes Itself” I really think that WP admins should look into it!

    I hope the rest of you get your categories and tags back soon! Mine were missing for 3 days…good luck!

    I also sorted my problem (I have no patient of waiting even if it’s only for 1 day to see if the tags pops back), so I changed to a Twenty Ten Theme and now I can add tags again to my posts. gaaah. I rather use a blank theme as I code myself, but I guess Twenty Ten will cause less problems in the future?

    My old theme MQB wasn’t compatible with either threaded comments or tabbed widgets — so i didn’t really liked it anyway.
    Just have a massive restore job to do now…..

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