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    Hi guys! first of all great job! previous issues were fixed, i just have a question now, i’m showing a “thanks” message after users fill the register form, they can see the message for a second but then they’re redirected to the page index:
    Config->Post Submission, redirection is empty, Success Message is written and Post to External URL is disabled, anything wrong? thanks!

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    Hello @josemetal7,

    Redirection in this scenario is due to After Login Redirection and not from Post Submission Redirection since you are using Registration Type form and must have enabled user auto-login feature.

    To avoid login redirection, please follow the steps below:
    1. Go to Global Settings
    2. Go to Login Options
    3. Remove the link in “After Login Redirection” field.
    4. Save when done.

    Feel free to drop us an email on if you still face any issue.



    Aha! you did it again =D

    I’m sorry to bother again but after some testings (after doing the steps you told me) it shows the success message for a second but THEN (because they’re logged in) it shows the “Restrictions->Message”, is there any way to login the users when they submit the register form but keep the “Success Message”? thanks!

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    If you have redirection after submission, success message only last for few seconds and once the page gets refreshed or redirected it won’t appear.

    If you want to display a message after submission and also want to log in the user at the same time, you may configure a new page with success/custom message and redirect the user to this page after submission.

    No i don’t have redirection, but the message just appears like 1-2 seconds and then it’s redirected automatically to the restrictions message.

    So i should write a custom page and redirect instead of showing the success message?

    Plugin Author easyregistrationforms


    Yes, you may use it as a workaround.

    It will prevent restriction message and you’ll have the freedom to display a custom message for a longer period.

    Perfect, thanks for you great work!

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