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    WP frontend has been an amazing plugin, i use it to allow members to post blogs. It works great on desktop version but the submit button isnt working on mobile. Pressing on submit does nothing at all, not even the loading swirl. Im wondering what i could do to figure out the problem. Thank you

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  • Hello @rshay

    I have just checked the post submission from our end and found that its working fine. Since your site is having the issue I would like to ask you to follow the instructions I am providing you.

      Check out this article for debugging in WordPress site. I hope it will work fine. It this doesn’t work then follow the next steps.

    • Check the browsers console log and start working with that error message.
    • If you can’T track and rectify the issue with the message from browsers console log, then I would like to ask you to run a conflict test on your site.
    • To run a conflict test, first you need to keep full backup of your site.
    • It will be better if you can do this test in your staging site.
    • Then deactivate all other plugins of your site except WP User Frontend.
    • Then activate a default theme like Twenty Twenty.
    • Now the issue should be gone.
    • Now try to re-activate all the plugins of your site one by one and check after activating which plugin the issue reappears.
    • If after activating all the plugins issue is not re-appearing then activate your previous theme and check the issue.
    • In this way you should find the theme or a plugin which was conflicting. And you should contact their authors.
    • I hope that helps.

    Since we are supporting you in our private support forum and this issue is not a plugin issue, I am marking this topic as resolved.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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