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  • Hello,

    I have set WP on my site to act as an interview section for site members where each month I will interview a different member.

    All is working so far but I have one thing I want which doesn’t exist so I don’t really know what to do or where to begin because I am no coder.

    Basically my site is a music site and I want to interview artists, but at the bottom of each interview I would like a stat card for each interviewee containing such info as:

    Type of artist (producer, DJ, emcee)
    How long they have been involved in music
    How many releases they have
    A link to their webpage
    Their real name
    Their artist name
    A photo

    So basically they are put into some variety of table which resembles a driving license or something. Like have a passport size photo on the left hand side and the stats on the right.

    Any ideas how I could implement such a thing?

    Any help would be marvellous!

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  • Maybe you could add the people you are interviewing as registered users of your blog. Then, you could keep track of that information. Then you could see if there was a plugin to pull this information out and put it on your interview page.

    If you can’t find anything, I could help.

    There’s a plugin that I downloaded that should do what you’re interested in. It’s called Post Template (there’s also a Page Template). Basically you have a post that you create that includes the “drivers license” table with space for the interview above. Then you just save that as a template. When you go to add a new interview, you’ll go to Manage > Post Template and then fill in the interview and the driver’s license info and save as usual.

    Hope that helps!

    I would do this using Custom Fields.

    The basics are built-into WordPress, and with a bit of code you can just use the built-in custom fields to do it.

    Or you can add a couple nice plugins that help with custom fields:
    Get Custom Fields plugin
    Custom Fields GUI plugin

    Basically what you want to do is create the custom field “keys” of Type Of Artist, How Many Releases, etc. Also make a key “Picture of the artist (URL)”.

    Then when you make a post, you select that custom field Key in the dropdown menu & fill in the “value” such as Type of Artist = DJ, How Many Releases = 8, etc. In the “Picture” field, you could plan to always put a hard-coded URL to a JPG file in that field, just the straight http:// right there in the custom field value.

    Now, go into your Theme templates such as the Single Post Template, and in there near the bottom add in: either the proper code to call the custom field as WordPress allows (taught in the Codex), or here use the Get Custom Fields to display your data for this post/interview. For the Picture, you can use a code like this
    <img src=[Get Custom Field Value using the GCF plugin]>
    and your picture shows up wherever you put it (Driver’s license layout or whatever way you style it).

    Hope this helps

    By the way it would be cool to see your site when you get it running, good luck! What kinds of music?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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