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  • Several weeks ago we started getting email notifications like this

    This was working fine previously (not sure if this coincided with switching from postman-smtp to post-smtp but it might have). Looks like they started around Jan 2nd 2018, but I had forked the old postman-smtp to patch it and had been running that for a while. The oldest message does have X-Mailer Postman SMTP 1.8 for WordPress.

    I’m confused because,
    1. The email does send correctly through SendGrid
    2. The response code in that error log is 200. I’ve got dozens of examples (several per day), but there isn’t anything obvious tying them together, they all look really simple and error free.

    Anyone have a clue what this could be? @yehudah you can reach out to me on .org slack as well if you want more info.

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  • Plugin Author yehudah



    Sorry about that, the fallback code is looking for an “error” and the string in the subject trigger it.

    Hope to fix it very fast.

    LOL, that explains it! 90% of those forums posts we get notices on use the word error and it didn’t even occur to me that could be the reason.

    Thank you for picking up this plugin!

    @yehudah This seemed to have stopped happening for a while, maybe my site just didn’t send any emails with ‘error’ in the subject line for a while… Regardless, it’s still happening with Version 1.8.3.

    Plugin Author yehudah



    1. What is the status on the email log for the email you get notify for
    2. Can you paste the last email here?

    I’m so sorry to have bothered you on this.

    On further inspection, this email came from a staging server behind basic auth. It was running 1.8.3, but it’s conceivable the basic auth broke things.

    1. The status is “Sent”. I did receive the email, just I also received a “{site_name}: Post SMTP session transcript error” email as well. I’ll paste you the email in Slack.

    But, as this happened on a staging server behind basic auth, and not on a live server I wouldn’t suggest wasting time debugging it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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