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  • I’m getting this email repeatedly:

    From: Endpoint binding user <bf0d978093fa4b3f91601fe3bb15a3d8@appserver-d062bdda.c.pantheon-dmz.internal>
    Subject: Post SMTP email error

    You getting this message because an error detected while delivered your email.
    You are welcome to post a support issue.
    The log to paste with your support issue:
    Incorrect authentication data


    So I’m guessing that there is an error with a website that Post SMTP is installed on. Unfortunately, with that error message, I have no idea what website it is. I have this plugin installed on dozens of sites, so I have absolutely no idea what site it could be.

    Please, when you send an error message tell us what the website URL is so that we can actually try to fix the problem.

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    @yehudah I thought I’d try paging you directly to this thread.

    I’m getting a lot of these emails from Endpoint bind user, I’ve had to set my spam filter to automatically delete them.

    I get that there is an error on SOME site, but I have no idea WHAT site it is on. I tried looking at full headers on the email and it just keeps referring to that appserver address.

    You are so right.
    I am fixing it now and will update here.

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