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    Ever since upgrading the plugin the other day to the new version, our posts, when we save them in a edit-flow custom status, loose the post slug that was created and all end up showing as It isn’t a problem for us to go and recreate that slug but unfortunately this issue is causing other issues in WordPress. Are you aware of this issue or do you have any ideas how to fix it?

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


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    Odd. A few questions:

    • Is it just new posts that you create, or is it existing posts too?
    • What other issues does this cause?
    • What other plugins are you running, and does it happen with those plugins deactivated?

    Thanks Daniel.
    – Just new posts created.
    – as a result, indirectly, because of how disqus associates posts with slugs, disqus gets 404’s (harder to explain) – but….
    – still happens when i remove that plugin.
    Any ideas?

    Do you think deactivating, reinstalling, and deleting/recreating custom status’ would do it?

    I have the same problem. It’s only with new posts.
    Actual WordPress 3.4.2. with Edit Flow Version 0.7.4
    It disapears with deactivating Edit Flow and appears with activating.
    Problem didn’t occur with 0.7.3

    was never a problem prior to updating to the last Edit Flow version so I know that is the culprit. Any updates here @daniel?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    I’m almost positive this issue is the source of your current problems. Basically, that issue is a series of hacks to get around core not properly supporting custom statuses. It worked fairly reliably in my testing, but I guess there were edge cases I didn’t see.

    • Are you using custom permalinks? If so, what?
    • Does this happen with all post types or just posts?
    • What does the URL look like when you publish a post?
    • Can you share some screenshots?

    actually it sounds related but different. Rather than not being able to change/edit the slug after saving to a new status (which I never had a problem with btw), what happens is that after saving into a custom status, that slug disappears completely. I CAN edit that slug and re-enter it before I publish, but…… results in

    To answer your questions..
    1) Yes, just post-name
    2) unfortunately I do not know as I only use posts for the custom status
    3) I cant publish a post with no slug on our live site so I really dont know but see explanation above and let me know if that helps.
    4) – sure…

    looking forward to your help in advance and thanks for replying.

    I switched back now to 0.7.3.

    Are you using custom permalinks? If so, what?
    – just the simple name of the post, you can have a look at
    I use the yoast seo module, which can change urls too, don’t know if this is important? but there are no special rewrite configured.

    Does this happen with all post types or just posts?
    – dont know

    What does the URL look like when you publish a post?
    – it’s published with the correct url, I just can not see or edit it in the backend.

    just curious if you had any thoughts, updates @daniel?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    I don’t have a good fix yet, sorry. You’re welcome to downgrade to v0.7.3 for the time being if you need to.

    Thanks. I guess I’ll have to do that because I tried that the other day and the problem did go away. I’d rather not have an old version of a plugin running but the new one definitely is the cause of the issue. Please let us know when you find out something.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built


    This is what I’m experiencing as well.

    If I ‘save’ (not publish) a new post with any of the editflow-enabled custom statuses, any link to that post that makes use of get_permalink fails, supplying only the http://sitename prefix.

    Presumably this is because the WP get_permalinks routine is mostly inside this big IF:

    if ( '' != $permalink && !in_array($post->post_status, array('draft', 'pending', 'auto-draft')) ) {

    … and the module somehow does not properly modify that condition with the available pre_post_link or post_link filters.

    For now I’ll have to decide whether to hack the module or roll back to the previous version.

    Hi Daniel,

    I can confirm, when the post is saved under a custom status, the slug disappears:
    In my case, the last status authors will use is ‘pending review’ which is not a custom status. And when they save a post under this status the slug comes back.

    It comes back also if as admin I change directly the status from ‘custom’ to ‘publish’ (but i can’t see if the slug as been generated correctly before I click on publish).
    So as a precaution, I always save as pending before publishing a post.
    I use your extend

    Hi again,

    I just finish to read all comments and realized that versotron mentionned he was using YOAST seo.

    I have deactivated this plugin and it seems to solve this issue.

    I found a workaround and I won’t stop using Yoast plugin but still it is a issue 🙂

    Ill chime in here to say I’m also using Yoast’s plugin in case that helps. Really would like to have this fixed.

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