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Post size and image into post problems

  • Hi All,

    Im sure this must be one of the most frequently asked questions but I am really struggling with reading all the search>results…. am not a pc expert.

    I have installed WP and plan to use it actually as a small personal website ( I do photography). So, I need to insert photo inside my text, but if I do it via editor, it inserts thumbnail not actual image? If i resize it it looks really bad and pixelated. How to get arround that?

    Also, on main page some posts show full text and other in small version 10 lines) but when I go to category, that long post also only shows 10 lines? What I would like is to have the summary on the main page, full text in the category (without having to click the title of the text to be taken to the full text).

    thank you all and sorry for long post

    http://www.alexanderstrbac.com is the site

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  • I think solution to first question is add size of image in a code block like this example:

    <body><table cellpadding=”4″ cellspacing=”0″ align=”right” bgcolor=”#”><tr><td><img src=”” width=”200″ height=”203″/> </td>

    That I do know used to work in WP 2.0 but does’nt now work in 2.2..argeeeeeeeeee Maybe you can work round and try to modify. By adding the size then your image will show correctly.

    Your second question I can’t help with. I too am having problem with a second post which throws out my footer. I am almost sure its to do with how many lines, I also have 10 lines in admin.

    Sorted my posting problem,

    40 lines – not 10. This sorted out the footer problem.

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