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  1. darkhaven505
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am working on a book review blog. Would like to be able to post review on main post page but also have it post on sub page. For instance, book review given a 4 rating. Would like to have that post simultaneously on sub page that is specified for all book that have a 4 rating. In essence that subpage is an archive page that will make it easier for people to search. Is there a code I can place on the bottom of my post so it will automatically post on the sub page as well? Or do I just have to stop being lazy and just manually post the same review to my subpage? http://www.darkhavenbookreview.com is the site. I thank you for the help in advance.

  2. darkhaven505
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Had an outside sources work on this for me. First person only got it partway down. Post shows up on category page but looked sloppy. Had another source work on this. Should finally be fixed by July 4th.

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