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  • Hi, just kicking off with WordPress (3.3.2)upgraded yesterday and find that when I post to a category as usual it also shows on the front/home page of my blog. Its getting irritating as “My Welcome” is pretty obvious ( but when I added a post in the “Rules, Regs & Advisory” Category it also shows up on the front page and starts to stack up.

    All I want to do is post to a category and its stays there till someone clicks on the dropdown box and picks want they wish to read/view/comment on.

    Finally the “no comment” check box does not work. Its unchecked but shows posting is open for comments.

    Thanx folks, off to open a bottle of Jack now……. Teflon

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  • That’s not how WordPress works. All posts are displayed on your site’s main posts page in date order – newest first – by default. If you do not want your main posts page to be your site’s front page, see Changing_The_Site_URL.

    Thanx, once I changed the “home page” will this stop all the posts being displayed on the front end of the actual blog as well as in the categories?>>>>>>> Teflon

    Once you set up a static front page, your posts will no longer be shown on your front page.

    Finally, (bear with me because I am not a techy person, self taught)… What or how would I change my wordpress address url and to what, what would I point it to? How would I “design” that page would it be in my dreamweaver for or my wordpress for locknload…….

    I read your link and understand some of it but most of it shot over my head and bounced off the wall behind me…


    Esmi, appreciate your assistance. I could change the site url to “http//” all I need to know is how do I access that page to design/change/etc…


    I could change the site url to “http//”

    To do that, you would need to move WordPress. See Moving_WordPress.

    Esmi, I really appreciate your support but am unable to comprehend or understand the “gobbeldygook” that has come up when i clicked on the link you gave me. I kind of understand what has to be done but am incapable of doing it (i know my limits). I will consider over the next week or two after trying to change things over. Unless I can do it I will dump the blog altogether. If there is one thing that winds me up is a software like “WordPress” is unable at ground level, unable to actually have a button/link etc to enable you to stop the posts appearing in the middle of the front page itself whilst allowing the link in the category section is to me mindless……. All the other links and buttons etc are great, just this one item lets it down. My site “” gets around 100,000 hits a month and my blog (archived vesion) was a good extra for the guys to read/post/catchup. I just cant keep up……. Have a good weekend…

    Again, appreciate your help……. Teflon

    I am having a similar problem am about to dump WordPress and just build my site with Dreamweaver. Why must everything be a blog post? For instance, I want to have a contact page with some static information. I don’t want to have a date showing when that info was “posted” nor have it appear on my main page … I just want to be able to put text on a page, without making a child and then hacking the code. I’m very frustrated with WordPress not allowing me to make basic changes easily, like removing the search box from the header.

    @afwoods: It is impolite and contrary to forum policy to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread with a question of your own. Please post your own topic.

    Hi “afwoods”, I appreciate your input and do not regard you as a “butt in”… Like you I do not know why a simple link that could solve this cant be available in WordPress.

    I too will switch over to my regular Dreamweaver which I have use for years. I`ll try for a week at the most but if I cant manage it I will Switch without a second thought. I know I can get 1st class live on the phone assistance from my provider Fasthost and use my existing SQL data base.

    There are thousands of us out there trying to get thru this anomolly with WordPress. And, finding no direct online/phone contact is realy, really frustrating when you have to get a site up and running right at this moment.

    Esmi, I really appreciate your assistance in my requests so far (I will try)…

    Afwoods, you can get me on my email address “” and we can swap notes re Dreamwweaver etc…

    Back to my bottle of Jack……. Hve a good weekend…….Teflon

    Hi Esmi

    Woke up this morning with totally refreshed braincells (the Jack killed off all the others). Persisted with the links you gave me plus being a tad adventurous and noticed a “comment” you left for someone else around a year ago concerning “pages”.

    I couldnt access any info but the basic in settings/reading… so I created a “test” page published it and went back to change my settings, and they they all were. I picked out the “front page” etc, etc…..

    Re edited my test page “” and Whoopeee (more of a guttural sound being an ex marine).

    Its up and working, I have to concentrate on tidying Categories/Posting/ etc. I want to thank you for your help in this, greatly appreciated……. Teflon aka Mac

    Will keep you posted…….

    Hi Esmi
    Thanx again…

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