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    I’m having some quite odd behaviour from Cubic at the moment. A recent update (plugin or WordPress – I don’t know) has caused all of my featured images to stop showing. I have partially fixed using some code in functions.php that reloads featured images (from a page I can no-longer find. Helpful, I know) but featured images are now showing in most cases. I used a different theme for this.

    Unfortunately Cubic is now showing each post twice on the front page – once with the featured image, once without, in rows (I’ve increased the row count to 4 using some custom CSS found in here – this isn’t causing it, I get the same issue without it).

    I neglected to check which update may have caused all this. I’ve reinstalled WordPress but same issue, and have tried deactivating each plugin in turn to see if it is caused by one of these.

    Any ideas? I get the same issue using the parent theme Boardwalk if that helps

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Looking at it again, it seems that the coloured square overlay (with post title) is placed below the featured image – causing the extra row. I have no idea what is going on!

    Sorry to keep replying to my own post – I think I might have an installation problem as well as an issue with Cubic. I use the ‘Featured image from URL’ plugin – when I deactivate it the featured image squares all disappear from my front page, leaving the coloured square rows. When reactivated the featured image squares return (with coloured square underneath).

    So, I suspect the plugin is misbehaving with the Theme (or visa versa) but I also have an installation issue with featured images. They’re not showing in the ‘related posts’ field either.

    I’ve temporarily changed to the Twenty Seventeen theme while I work out why featured images are refusing to show (on any theme). I’ll likely go back to Cubic afterwards – I like it a lot – but it’s no good without working featured images

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    Hi @rutty

    I’ve temporarily changed to the Twenty Seventeen theme while I work out why featured images are refusing to show (on any theme).

    Hmm – hope you can find the culprit. Certainly sounds suspiciously like a plugin issue, since it’s happening in every theme.

    If you get stuck trying to solve it, feel free to post in the general troubleshooting forum if you’d like some other ideas.

    Thanks Kathryn,

    I’ve discovered I can do a file rollback on my host, so have recovered to a known good state. Re-upgraded to 4.9 and all still fine with Cubic.

    Upgraded Jetpack – all gone wrong again, so the issue with my installation is there. Will raise a bug with that plugin instead. You can close this one 🙂

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    Glad you were able to do a rollback. I’ll mark this as resolved and wish you luck in sorting out the plugin issue – feel free to come back and let us know what the problem ends up being.

    I am adding to this thread with the hopes that the problem here helps explain an issue with my WordPress install using Cubic theme. I have a set of posts from a particular date range (mid 2017) that do not appear on the results generated by category or tag. For instance: is a post that renders fine. It shows up in a search query. BUT despite being in category Culture Rover – Promiscuous Cultural Criticism, it does not render: see, It should show up between the posts Hug It Out and Journeys to Big Rock Candy Mountain, but it doesn’t.

    Similarly, it does not render under the tag query

    There is a set of posts displaying this behavior. They are published, render fine as posts, and are linked to the proper category and tag, but do not appear on the front end when the category or tag is queried.

    Any advice? Is it a plug in issue? Permalink issue? I’m confounded.


    PS and even more puzzling, some of the posts with two category selections render perfectly in one category but not in the other! For instance,

    Renders fine in

    but does not appear in the other category for which it is selected

    Any notion why this is occurring?


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    @michaeljkramer Hi Michael!

    Your issue sounds like this recent regression in the Jetpack Infinite Scroll feature:

    To confirm, please turn off the module by going to Jetpack > Settings.

    Under Infinite Scroll, choose “Load more posts using the default theme behavior.”

    If your missing posts reappear, you’ll know that it’s the same bug. You can leave Infinite Scroll turned off for now and follow the above GitHub ticket until the issue is resolved if you’d like to reactivate IS later.

    p.s. In future, please start a new thread rather than adding a reply to an old one, especially once that’s already marked as resolved – it’s only by chance that I spotted your reply here. 🙂 Thanks!

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