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  • I just auto published a post from our website to our Facebook fan page (almost 16 thousand fans) and I noticed that the newsfeed impressions / interactions are considerably less than all of my other posts (which I manually share on the wall.) Our page has very constant and consistant interaction so I’m very aware of what a typical response is.

    Can anyone from Facebook verify this, or provide further details? (Maybe this is a known issue, and will be corrected in an update.) Again, I am 100% certain that this post did not receive the same number of comments/likes/shares as it would have had I manually added the post on our page. I’m just trying to figure out if this is something you’re aware of and are in the process of correcting, or if the best practice is to still manually post an update to our page directly.


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  • Hi Rick, it is very common for posts sent from a third part app or platform to not achieve the results they would if they were entered manually.

    This became clear a few months ago with facebook sort of saying these was a difference.

    Several months later they said they were “turning down” the strength of that “penalty” as such and many people thought it would be back on level playing field but I never thought it was and don’t think it is anywhere near it right now.

    The reason behind the “alleged” penalty is facebook want you to post from your page on the platform not from some dashboard of an app or your blog.

    So they make it more advantageous to do so.

    Now here is the curve ball.
    Facebook just released a new app for wordpress and its designed to be a 2 way communication link between your wordpress blogs and sites and you and your pages on facebook.

    The question is, will they ease off the penalty you receive if you post this way??

    Too early to know but check this out, just got it ten minutes ago

    So it’s always better if you can post manually but it’s better to use any third part app or system if not doing so means you wont post. 🙂

    Just Social

    Home Page


    Thanks for the info, and I’m aware of all that you posted, and the link as well.

    The reason for my question is this isn’t really a “3rd party app” per se, since this is the “Official” Facebook plug in. It also seems to have features that encourage you to publish to your page from within the plugin. It seems weird that they would encourage you to publish to your page from the plugin, then penalize you for not going to the page and posting directly.

    That’s where my confusion lies.

    Well facebook don’t mind creating that. It’s too early to say but within a week or two the data will tell us. I’d be surprised though if it didn’t show the similar results to third party apps but your point is valid, it’s their plug in, surely they wont limit its effectiveness? But don’t be shocked if they do!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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