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  • Maybe it is a problem with my host server, and maybe this isn’t something that can be handled within the WordPress “engine”, but I’m almost always timing out (returns a page 404 not found) when I hit the save or publish on most of my long posts, especially those with html in them. Long posts specifically, not short ones. I’ve had the same problem with 1.2 and 1.5.

    When the SAVE or PUBLISH is clicked, I believe WordPress goes through and cleans things up, so maybe this is where the time out to a 404 occurs. Ideas?

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  • Are you doing track/pingbacks in the articles where this is happening? They can significantly slow down the posting process as WordPress will attempt to contact all of those sites to inform them of the track/pingback.

    Hmm, I thought I had them turned off cuz this is seriously under development. Any way of doing a batch or mass turn on and off of the pings and trackbacks?

    Anyone else having this problem?

    It’s outgoing pingbacks and trackbacks that would slow you down, not incoming. There doesn’t seem to be an option to turn this off in 1.5 though. Maybe there should be a bug for that.

    It’s really critical when developing a site, though I’m not sure if you’d want to turn it off when actually running a site. These time outs are time wasters for me. I have to reload the page every time it stalls, and it takes a long time to actually give me the 404 error so I know it’s not going to go back to the Manage screen or whatever.

    Maybe you could type the long posts offline in an ascii text editor.

    Log into admin in wp.

    And then copy and paste them into the edit window in wp.

    I found several ascii text editors by going to and searching for:

    ascii text editor

    I use the pfe and edit pad lite editors.

    I write my new posts in WordPerfect, spell check them, and post them. But what I’m having the time-outs on is stuff I’m moving from my html files. I am not going to strip every html code out of these documents since I don’t need to.

    And it seems that the problem isn’t with the code fixers but the pings and trackbacks….I’d really like to turn them off globaly until I’m ready for them.

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    Uncheck “PingBack the URIs in this post”, below the post field.

    Right. On several hundred individual posts that I’m editing. That’s the problem. I have to check them off as I save the editing changes, and then when I’m done (which feels like forever at this rate) with all the changes, I will have to go through either WP or MySQL and change all these back to on.

    That’s why it would be nice to have a global on/off switch, or a way of commenting out the feed from the index.php or something temporary but easy.

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    To disable trackbacks/pingbacks entirely, delete wp-trackbacks.php, but that has no effect on how long it takes to post. Unchecking “PingBack the URIs in this post” does.

    thanks for the info on the trackbacks. I’ll rename the file for now and see if that changes the timing a little bit.

    Okay, I’ve started unchecking the pingbacks and I renamed the wp-trackbacks.php file, and I’m still having time outs. Even on posts that aren’t “that” long. The “fix invalid XHTML” is also turned off.

    Maybe it’s my connection, but this is a top speed cable broadband and other things go whip snarl fast.

    What else could be generating to slow things down?

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    It could be a problem on your server’s end. How is everything else? Like changing the index.php template or adding a link for example.

    Speed demon for updating index.php and other things. Only on the post when editing. The info is already in the database, I’m just editing it and hitting save. It can take up to 2 minutes now. Even on the smaller posts.

    I wonder if there is a plugin that is slowing things down.

    Disable all of your plugins, Lorelle, and then check the speed. Then enable them one at a time, recheck, and then enable another. Please let us know if you find anything! 🙂

    I “think” I’ve found the culprit – after much messing around with the plugins. Related posts by Alexander Malov & Mike Lu seems to be the culprit. I’ll post a note on the site letting them know. Ugh, this is one of my favorite plugins!

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