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  • This is how this looks now:

    How do I remove average 4.5 …. basically have just (1 votes) after the stars?

    This is the code in wp-postratings.php that I assume is that…
    add_option('postratings_template_permission', '%RATINGS_IMAGES% (<em><strong>%RATINGS_USERS%</strong> '.__('votes', 'wp-postratings').__(',', 'wp-postratings').' '.__('average', 'wp-postratings').': <strong>%RATINGS_AVERAGE%</strong> '.__('out of', 'wp-postratings').' %RATINGS_MAX%</em>)<br /><em>'.__('You need to be a registered member to rate this post.', 'wp-postratings').'</em>', 'Ratings Template Text');

    I tried removing like half of it, but it didn’t do anything. Help?

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