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  • I searched around the board and found a bunch of posts on this subject but none of the answers I was looking for.
    I found the Ratings Plugin but I couldnt get it to work on WP 1.5 (the posts where kinda old so maybe the plugin is only working for older versions of WP) and the asymptomatic plugin which I couldnt find any installation guides to.
    I am trying to set up a picture of the day site with a single post per page. So I need my users to rate daily pictures and maybe a way to determine a top picture at the end of the month.
    If anyone has found such a plugin (can tell me how to get the 2 I mentioned above working) I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • the installation guide for the asymptomatic guide is on a) the site (there are two posts regarding it, one is feedback the other is how to install it and what it is) and b) I believ ein the php file itself.

    Yes the installation instructions are in the site but for WP newbies like me there are somethings that are not very clear.
    For example I downloaded the zip file and read the php file but there is only a description.I am guessing that the .php file has to be put in the plugins folder but I dont know what to do with the star images that come in the zip with the php file.Where do I put them? Does the .php file go directly in the plugins folder?
    Also I am supposed to do some editing of a file.On the site it says I should add a line of code inside The Loop where I want the .I have no idea what that is.
    The plugin looks great and maybe some more experienced WP users have no problem with but I
    m just trying things out to get it to work to no avail so maybe someone that has used it can give me a hand 🙂

    I got the votio plugin working. The php file and all the star images are supposed to go directly in the plugins folder (although I modified the .php file to keep the star images inside a folder called votio.Less clutter in the plugins folder).
    Now the problem is this plugin only works on Internet Explorer.No firefox or opera support, so it`s back to searching for another plugin…

    the plugin SHOULD work in FF – why? Well it’s the same plugin on a few other sites I visited, I ONLY use FF for browsing and know for afact it works. I would say stick with it and if needs be contact the author, he’s a really helpful guy and heck it’s his plugin so I suggest giving it a shot.

    I personally haven’t got around to installing the plugin but I think it’s worth going forth and grabbing the monkey by it’s tails.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Not to mention the fact that Owen would never develop anything for IE only. He hates IE.

    Hmm that’s strange. I;m getting some sort of error now on both browsers.Any of you installed it before? I think it might be a permissions error but I can’t seem to fix it

    I have to agree that the instructions were a little brief and presume a certain level of WP knowledge… for wp newbies like myself its been head banging stuff lol

    I’ve put the files into the root of plugins folder as suggested above

    I’ve edited the votio.php file with a single category name

    and I’ve edited the Post Templatevfile single.php (using WP) and put the <?php votio_ballot_box();?> code just after the post title H2 bit of code

    still no luck in getting getting the thing to work

    If anyone can suggest a really simple Rating plugin alternative I’d for readers of the site I’d be enourmously grateful

    Better still any help getting votio to work would be best ;o)



    at, using WP 1.5

    got it working by inserting the votio.php and all 3 star images into the plugin folder (no sub-folders)
    *** someone asked about unzipping: unzip it on your desktop, then upload the 4 files to your wp-admin/plugins folder ***

    inserted <?php votio_ballot_box();?> into the Loop where I wanted it to appear (made logical sense to put at end of post but before my post footer stuff)

    insterted the recommended CSS into my stylesheet:
    .votio {
    border:1px solid #c8c8de;
    margin: auto;
    width: 150px;
    padding: 5px;
    text-align: center;
    .votio .stars .vote {
    cursor: hand;
    .votio .votes {
    font-size: xx-small;

    most importantly ACTIVATE the plugin in your plugins list (located in your WP admin interface between ‘Presentation’ and ‘Users’)

    FINALLY, add your category names (not page slugs) by going into the plugin editor (right next to where you activated the plugin), and searching for the line $vote_cats (it’s near the top). put all the categories in that indicated spot exactly as they are spelled out, separated by commas but not commas and spaces. Elliot Lee was able to tweak it so as to include all the categories without manually adding them, but I couldn’t figure that out:

    then it’s a matter of tweaking the CSS in your stylesheet and the images to get it looking how you want.

    unfortunately, in FF it’s really jumpy, and in IE it’s jumpy and it defaults to show ‘no image found’ type until a vote is cast.

    i may switch to another voting mechanism, but this works for now.

    ahh the zen of wordpress, programming, Internet, troubleshooting, heck life itself.

    so my key phrase was ‘in IE it’s jumpy and it defaults to show ‘NO IMAGE FOUND’ type until a vote is cast’

    well let’s think about the obvious here. if it shows the no-image found, then maybe it’s not finding the image? let’s assume the plugin is correctly written, it must be my fault.

    but I uploaded the images to the right place, right? right. well, let’s double check the images in my desktop folder that I unzipped against the images i uploaded.

    oh, would you look at that, i have 4 images in my desktop folder, but only 3 images in my upload folder. mmmm, let’s upload the last (4th) image, and what do you know, now it works perfectly.

    funny how people tell you you’re so damn smart with computers and you trip up sometimes on silly little simple things like this.

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