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  • Hi All,

    I am a newbie to WordPress here.. Been learning hard to code my own website. Basically, while browsing through i saw a great simple wordpress site. I am interested to look at how they did the “submit form” portion for WordPress. I am using firebug and google chrome developer tool to try to “reverse engineer” the website.

    What i could not understand is the action=”/post?id=” syntax? See code below. Using this syntax how the did they managed to submit the form using the code below.

    Basically, after you filled up the form, press submit, it will link you to a thankyou page and later send a verification email to modify/submit the form as the site’s post.

    <form method="post" action="/post?id=" id="form1" enctype="multipart/form-data">

    Greatly appreciate your help!!!

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  • The action is where (page) the form submits to, and is probably generated on the fly using PHP/WordPress functions.

    Yeah. I figured out the syntax for the action. The action will usually point to a javascript to receive the $_POST superglobal variable if we are using the method=”post”.

    Thus, i am not sure what is “post?id”, i don’t think javascript can be named with an “?”.

    I search around with google and cannot find how is it done. T.T

    Do let me know if you guys have more idea on this.

    Here is the website..

    Anyone knows how to do similar thing , where when i submit a rent posting, an email reply will be send to the user. I am guessing that it gives the user something like contributer status to edit/delete/close the posting later on based on a link send in the email.


    I am new to WordPress and using the mystique theme. On every individual page, the title of the page itself shows as the top of the content box. So if the active page were called About, it would look like this.

    +++++++++++++++Header Graphic+++++++++++++++++
    Home “About” Contact Us Press Sign Up

    Aboutontent of page would be here

    How do I get wordpress to stop auto inserting the name of the page just above the content?

    I have read several posts about this issue, telling me to look for “<h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>” and remove from either page.php; index.php; or home.php.

    All I see in my themes/mistyque directory are: header.php; index.php; page.php and I have checked them all, but didn’t the above to remove.


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