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    Just curious if this theme allows pictures to show up on the home page, or at least small thumbnail pics. Can’t seem to get that to work.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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  • Hi KimiJo!

    Are you using the posts page as your homepage? If so, you can show thumbnails in the post listing. In the Customizer, navigate to “Layout: Blog (Posts Page)” and choose “Post header” or “Thumbnail” for “Featured Images”.

    Hey Zack!

    Thanks for the response. I’m so not techie so you’ll have to forgive me….I think I have that right but it’s still not working.

    In the Customizer under Front Page Displays I have my latest post checked.

    Under Layout Blog (Posts Page) I’ve tried checking both Thumbnail and Post Header under Featured Images and neither of them worked.

    Am I missing something? Don’t know if checking out my site will help but in case you’d like to it’s

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!


    Can you please check that you have set a Featured Image for each of these blog posts? Regular images will not display as you describe.


    Thanks for responding. So I tried going into a post and setting the featured image, and yes, it worked…I just have to remove the image already in my post or it now will show up twice.

    One question though, it only appears right at the top, and I don’t see an option to put it to the left of the post like I was hoping.

    Is there a place to change where the featured image is displayed or do I have to choose between either having it right on the top of the post and showing up on the homepage too or having it to the left of the post but not showing up on the homepage at all?

    Thanks again for the advice.

    Hi there!

    Try this: back in the Customizer, find the section labeled “Layout: Posts”. Open that section up and there should be a dropdown where you can choose different options for where the featured image appears, similar to the “Layout: Blog” section.

    Hi Corey,

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately that didn’t work. I went and made a pic a featured image and then changed the settings under “Layout: Posts” to thumbnail, hoping that it would not only show up as a thumbnail in the post but on the main page as well….no go.

    I’m thinking that I’m going to have to either deal with no thumbnail pics on my home page or switch to another theme. 🙁

    Hi KimiJo!

    Can you add a featured image to one of your posts so we can take a look at the issue? I would like to be able to see the issue with the incorrectly aligned image.

    Hi Zack,

    Ok, so I took Corey’s advice (thanks Corey!)and was able to get the picture to show up as a thumbnail in the post, here:
    The picture is set as a featured image…so that part is all good.

    My difficulty is that the picture still doesn’t show up on my homepage, here:

    I really want the thumbnail pics to show up on my homepage as well as in the post.

    Any help would be fabulous, thanks!

    Ah! I think I figured it out! When I checked my site this morning, the featured image was on my home page but in the center. I had to go to Layout: Blog(Posts Page)and change the featured image to thumbnail. I think all is right with the world now, thanks for all the help guys!

    You’re welcome! Glad to hear this is now resolved.


    This is a bit delayed and slightly different to the original question, but I have a list of posts (1 post so far actually!) showing on the right of the page and I’d like a thumbnail of the featured image to show underneath it. Is this possible please? See here:


    Hi there, loftconversions. This topic is actually marked as resolved by KimiJo. Can you please ask your question in a new topic?

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