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  1. Jenknee
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    This is a similar topic that has been discussed in the past, but with a twist. And I desperately need help.

    I have set my main page to display 5 posts. This is applying itself ALL OVER my wordpress. If you search a category, no matter how many entries, it will only show five. If you search by month, again, you only can see five. Even when I go into MY WP and try to edit the entries from say a particular month where I know I have at least 35 entries, it will only let me edit the last five.

    I've search the forums, I've googled it. I've found all the links (such as below):

    And found, saved, installed and activated this:

    (I double and TRIPLE checked that there was was no improper spacing in this code, a common problem I found through this support forum - thank you.).

    But no matter what I do, when I activate the proper script, it does not work. Last night it told me my page had a fatal error, and wouldn't display. When I tried again this morning, it was as if I did nothing at all and my page just stuck to its 5 entry rule.

    I'm still running WP 1.2 (I tried to update to 1.5 this weekend, but couldn't figure out how to get it to work with my CSS page, so I just stuck with what I know for now.)

    It should also be said that I am new to this coding and CSS and PHP stuff. So I apologize if any of this sounds completely amateur ..because it is.

    Thank you in advance for ANY help that any of you can provide.

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