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  • It seems that password protecting a post can easily gotten around by viewing the page source under the view menu…

    Is this meant to happen? Becuse if so then the idea is kinda pointless….

    Anyone know a fix for this??

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Please link to such a case ?
    It’s not been reported before and certainly should not happen.

    Can we have a link to a pw’d post?

    As you can see there is a protected post third down …

    if you view the source of the front page you can read its contents…

    We ran it as a test…. and we could work around it

    Must apologise… the test was biased…

    It was due to cookies not being cleared…

    Interesting how it stays there though… even if logged out

    Please feel free to delete this thread….

    No, you really can’t.


    Not that I’ve tried :).

    Exactly, hehe, got my trying though..

    It amused me for a minute though 🙂

    yeah, it seems even though i was logged out from yesterday… it still allowed me to view the source as if i had entered the password…

    not very secure for public computers is it???

    Most (all) public computers shouldn’t allow you to view the source of websites, and definately won’t store passwords and usernames to let people get that far anyway :).

    And even if it were a home computer, it’s best not even then.

    True true…

    thanks for your help and sorry for my dappiness….

    Dappiness is the way ahead, really.

    It’s kept me alive thus far anway.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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