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  • Hi,
    I recently moved my site to a new host and since I didn’t have a lot of content (2 pages and 3 posts) I decided to save those contents in separate text files. Once I had everything setup at the new host, I started adding the pages and posts, when I first added them and previewed the page, everything looked good. For some reason the next day when I looked at it again, the post page was a mess.

    I have it setup so that it only displays 3 posts, which is all I have anyways at this point. But I’m wondering if this has to do with adding too many posts at once on the same day. The layout of the site is 3 columns with the largest one all the way to the left and the two smaller ones to the right displaying addsense and all the widgets. I’ve checked the .css file over and over and I’ve tried tweaking here and there but nothing.

    Anybody have this problem before?

    Another thing I wanted to ask is, how is it done to get the post page to display only part of the posts and not the entire 680 words? This is the way it looked yesterday when I first added them, you could only see the title of the post and the first 4 or 5 sentences and there was a link to continue reading, now everything within the posts displays at once and I think this maybe another reason why this is happening.

    Any direction on this would be great!

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