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    The plugin spams unasked the users dashboard and prevents the removal. This is not Opt-In.

    IMHO this plugin should be removed from the official wordpress repository. Not playing nicely with the users resources in the UI.

    I have the feeling that other of his plugin’s behave the same.

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  • Hi hakre, I was about to ask where the spam was, but then I scrolled own and saw the big “Please think about a donation” section. Wow! Ye, I agree, this crosses a line. If all of my plug-ins did this the dashboard would be a mess.

    I like this plug-in, so I would like to see the author remove this dashboard message before the plug-in gets too much bad PR for this (or gets pulled from WP’s repository). I actually do donate to all of the plugins that I find useful and don’t appreciate messages like these on my dashboard.

    hu hu
    to get rid of this so-called “spam” just go to PPA directory and delete donate.php…
    if you dare

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


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    Hardly resolved. Spam the Admin Dashboard all you want, I can accept that and if after testing the plugin does what I’ll want, I’ll throw you a donation.

    But dont spam every Users’ dashboard. Doing that will make me look for a different solution.


    This spammy plugin should be removed from the repository. It’s a shame to the developers community.

    I have this spam message on all dashboards of my network, even after I’ve decided not to use this plugin.

    Reading from his web site, the author seems obsessed by donations… “Cool =) Thank you for Feedback. And btw: Did you hear about my donation link? xD”

    And of course he has deleted my message complaining about that and asking for the method to stop this scam.

    I agree with the users above. I couldn’t believe it when I realized I was looking at an ad on my plugins page. If every developer was so crass, the entire WordPress admin interface would become unusable. It even shows up on the list of inactive plugins.

    What I don’t understand is why there isn’t a more of a backlash against this. And any slack I was willing to cut Dennis went out the window with the t-shirt comment.

    I move that alteration to the basic WordPress function for commercial reasons should be grounds for removal from the list of approved plugins.

    I want to add my agreement. Not only is there spam on the dashboard and in the plugin, but it is also on the admin footer!
    Come on Dennis…you have a great plugin and your reputation is getting trashed here. Remove the ads and leave the one on your plugin page.

    Sad that he has to resort to this. This is very rude and unprofessional.

    I’ve removed his plugin I was using and wrote my own for all my customers. Too bad, as he would have received several sizable donations for his work as I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to develop something.

    I to vote for his plugins to be removed from the wordpress catalogs until he stops this rudeness. He is not only ruining his own reputation, but he will start a precedence that will ruin wordpress because customers will not appreciate seeing stuff like that on their own sites and will dump wordpress for another system. Other developers that are money greedy will start doing the same thing as Dennis if its not stopped now.

    Hi all
    FYI: A couple of days ago I asked to review the plugin due to the large donation request that cannot be removed on the control panel. They subsequently removed the plugin from WordPress.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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