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  • Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    Hi Thomas, I already know about this problem. It is a limitation of the WordPress filter handler (apply_filter function). Especially it is not possible to call the “the_content” filter inside the content of a page. :\ For now I will share this hotfix with you until I have fixed this issue in the plugin. (I will do that as soon as possible!)

    You could create a plugin file or you could copy it in your themes function.php. 🙂 Here is the fix:

    Thanks Dennis

    I’m almost there now, but I still have some problems.

    I have made my own childtheme with a simple extra function to the normal Twentyeleven functions.php:

    add_filter( 'twentyeleven_header_image_height', 'bylivkolding_header_height');
    function bylivkolding_header_height($param) {
    return 150;

    Then I just added your fix in the same functions.php file, but it didn’t work.
    Doesn’t your fix miss a ?> at the end?

    // Thomas

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    If you want to append non-php code to the fix you need to add the ?> closing tag at the end. 🙂

    Hi again

    Okay, I end up with a functions.php in my child theme, that looks like this –

    But it doesn’t work for me –

    // Thomas

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    Hi Thomas!

    The functions.php looks fine. I am not sure why it does not work. Do you use any cache plugins?

    I converted it to a plugin. So you do not need to insert it in your functions.php. You can download the plugin here:

    Please remove the the plugin code from your functions.php to make the plugin work. 🙂

    Hi Dennis


    1) I downloaded, unzipped and placed the folder with the plugin file from you in the plugin folder.

    2) I activated the plugin and still the same problem –

    3) I removed your original fix from my own functions.php.
    – – – – – –

    I don’t use any cache plugins. I noticed a small thing, that might help us find the explanation. I use Notepadd++ to edit and create new CSS and PHP files (still on beginner level).

    I noticed, that if the functions.php is encoded with UTF-8, I get this mistake, when I try to log in to my WordPress site –

    But when I use ANSI, it works fine. Maybe I fucked something up there?

    // Thomas

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    the error in your functions.php could be a whitespace at the beginning at the file. I also encode all my files UTF8 and it works fine. 🙂

    Something else: (Maybe a stupid question): Did you tick the “enable sharing for this page” box in the edit page section of the “Munkebo” page? 😉

    Hi again

    I’m one step closer. Now it works –

    BUT: Look at the final text before Share article and icons: “Del dette:FacebookUdskrivE-mailDelStumbleUponDiggReddit”. It means ‘share’ in Danish, and I’m using the Danish translation of the Jetpack plugin package, that contains Sharedaddy. Basicly it just the Jetpack with a Danish translation file, that some Danish WordPress persons have made.

    When I change this piece of text in the Sharedaddy Settings, it also changes on the page = it is not only something to do with cache.

    It looks like, that the Sharedaddy plugin in called at twice: 1) that doesn’t work and then the one with your fix.

    // Thomas

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    This happens because the Sharedaddy plugin tries to add the share buttons to the post content of “Tester ByLivKoldings nye hjemmeside”.

    You avoid that if you create an excerpt for this post or if the post has more of 55 words of content. (Your test post has less than 55 words of content.)

    Perfect! Know it works.

    All the best,


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