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  • Hi all,
    target is to post to my private (non-public) blog and being able to select to have the post parallel on 1 (or more)of my several public blogs.
    My non-public blog acts like a diary listing work / thoughts and selected posts should go to one (or more) public ones where the post are relevant to the blogs topic.

    Two previous support requests
    … and it automatically gets posted on blog 2 as well….
    … I want to make all the posts on blog 1 available on blog 2, but be able to add extra posts to blog 2 that will not show up on blog one.

    had as results
    – syndication (pull from one to the other), RSS ?,
    which do not fit my requirements as I do not want to “automatically” multiply my posts,
    – but “selectively” add to my other blogs.

    I like to see “click-boxes” with
    “Post also to
    – Blog1
    – Blog2
    – etc.”

    spencerp and handysolo had suggestions but it came to the point of “plugin to be made”.
    Is one plugin done in the mean time otherwise I would be willing to pay for it as this feature is central to “my blogging”.
    All the best, bfh

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  • No, there is no plugin like that.

    You may want to post your request to the wp-pro mailing list if seeking paid support/services:

    Thanks moshu, I will definitely try to get paid services at wp-pro to have this and others solved for good.

    But I ran across a new topic where someone wanted to have a ‘minblog’= a category page with all posts for this category shown – so with Owen’s LimitCats and Rolemanager plugins I could achieve what I want within ‘one blog’.
    => Having my main blog with all ideas / thoughts / recommendations and by assigning categories to each post having them listed on a seperate ‘category blog (post)page’ where I then can specify who is auhtorized to view the posts of that category.
    (What needs to be done is
    – ‘hiding’ the main blog, and
    – how to solve the problem of having a ‘tag cloud’= the tags can’t come from categories but rather from ‘keywords’ – what tags basically are in Knowledge Management terms)

    Advantage of this approach: One blog instead of several blogs
    => I will try to get in touch with the people involved in that thread.
    Cheers, bfh

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