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  • Can someone tell mme how to have my blogs post on my page called POSTS instead of my front page. I want my front page to be a landing page only and my blog to show up posts page. Under reading settings I changed front page displays to “static”, but how do I get posts to show up on post page?



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  • go to settings –> reading


    I have my blog showing up on the Post page, but it also shows up one the front page. How do I have it only showup on the post page?(I on reading settings and posts page says “post” and front page just has -select- and about, contact,post in the dropdown. Can you help again?

    change your front page to a static page…. you have to make the page you want to be your front page first,

    then go to settings->reading like was said, and set the page you made as your front page, and check static page

    Sorry, but this is my first time on wp. I’m in settings->reading and it is marked static page (not “your latest post”) but I don’t know what you mean by “change front page to static page”

    In the reading section, click fron page displays static page, then in the dropdown menu for Front Page, select the page that you’ve already created to be your front page

    I only have about, contact and post in the dropdown. The page I first created showed up under home. Do I add new page called home in edit pages?

    I’m not really following you here, but I would just add a new page, not under home. A separate page…then make that your front page.

    I don’t think the dropdown box picks up any pages under Home

    Won’t the new page name show up as a tab, like contact,about,home etc.?

    It did

    yeah, I guess it would if you have that in your theme……

    you can make it a child page under about or contact (If you plan to keep those pages)

    In a lot of themes the subpages don’t become tabs, but you can still use them as your front page

    Does that mean I put my first page actually in the theme and should have named it HOME.

    I just meant from your admin section, make a new page. Pages->add new

    from the editor, over on the right it asks for a parent. Pick a page to be it’s parent.

    Once you’ve made that page, since it is a child, it should not show up on your tabs on your theme, but you will be able to set it as your static front page in settings->reading

    I Made a new page named first page and made it the child of contact. Now first shows up on my home page(like a blog screen- not what was to be static info and afirst page tab drops down from contact when I move over it. I’ve somehow managed to screw this up. Did I do something wrong when I first started after the theme loaded and now I just need to start over? I would hate to lose my info,but I don’t know what else to do. If I did I want to learn from it so I don’t do it again.

    The way my site is right now is great. Everything is fine. The only problem I have is that when I post something- it posts on the home page (which I don’t want) and the “post” page. I’d like to get the home page to be static and my posts to show up only on the “post” pagr

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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