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  • Something very strange just happend. I posted something on one of the sites in my network, and for some reason an older post in ANOTHER site got overwritten to contain the contents as the new post.


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  • Okay…I had a look in the database. The situation is:

    Site A is the first site existing in the multisite, its posts reside in the table wp_posts.

    Site B: is a newer site, its posts are in the table wp_7_posts.

    The new post in Site B has the ID-20.

    The preexisting much older post in Site A also has the ID-20.

    The content of post in Site A got replaced by the content in Site B. When I tried changing the post of site B, the post in site A got changed just the same.

    It seems to me that somehow the table records of ID-20 somehow became linked in both sites post tables, which of course shouldnt happen. So I suppose this is a bug somehow.

    A bug that shouldn’t be possible unless you have a plugin doing some weird stuff. WP by default uses siteID to determine which DB table to write to in order to prevent this.

    What plugins are you using?

    For now I´m using a “poor mans workaround”, I went into Site Bs posts table and created a “bogus post” with id number 2000 and left it unpublished….now the autoincrement of the post ids “should” hopefully continue with 2001 etc and no more collision should happen.

    If the problem is a plugin, it should be one thats writing to posts in some way, right?

    The following plugins are currently active:

    -add meta tags
    -add posts to pages
    -Adsense Explosion
    -amr shortcode any widget
    -BAN – Blocked Ads Notifier Lite
    -Blog Promotion – BlogUpp
    -Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds
    -Category Content (Widget)
    -Edit Any Table
    -Facebook Auto Publish
    -Header and Footer
    -Infolinks Official Plugin
    -Jetpack by
    -Link Manager
    -Nextend Facebook Connect
    -nrelate Related Content
    -Page Links To
    -Pinterest “Pin It” Button Lite
    -Post By Email
    -Random Banner
    -Readers From RSS 2 BLOG
    -Really Simple Guest Post Plugin
    -Simple Page Ordering
    -Tag Generator
    -UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
    -User Role Editor
    -Wordpress Facebook Like Plugin
    -Wordpress Page Widgets
    -WP Hide Post
    WP Session Manager
    WP User Control
    YouTube Favorite Video Posts

    Are those network activated, or just active on the sub-site?

    They are network activated.

    *blink* They’re ALL network activated? Yikes. Well. I would turn them all off, then, and see if you can still reproduce that bug.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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