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    I’m trying to do some research on WordPress and how it works internally so that I can set up a website for myself.

    Let’s say I won, and have wordpress installed in a subfolder called “blog”. Visiting will bring you to the index.html page stored on my server, which is not managed by WordPress, but going to will bring you to the blog that is managed by wordpress.

    After logging into WordPress, I can easily create new posts which will appear on, but what if I wanted to make a post that will appear on, say, I know I can create a new page and have it permalink as “otherblog”, but when I make new posts they won’t show up there, they only show up on the home page. Is there a way to make posts such that I can choose which page they show up on?

    If I want to separate posts completely, will I need to have more than one installation of WordPress in the different directories?

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  • You can try Worpdress MU. It’s a version with multiple blogs on one install.



    I see, so that function is not actually supported by the regular version of WordPress, but there’s another version.

    If I still wanted to use the regular version of WordPress, though, would multiple installations be the only option?

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