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  1. AutoDMC
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I just put a post on my blog at my site.

    I am using the Markdown plugin along with PreFormatted.

    When I see the preview of my post in the editor page, it has nice line breaks between paragraphs.

    When I see the post on the main page top 10, the post doesn't have any line breaks between paragraphs.

    When I click on the link to the post, taking me to that post's page (for commenting), magically, the line breaks are back.

    As I tend to be longwinded, I rely on paragraphs to allow breaths in between blasts of words. However, all my content on the main page gets lumped into one massive, awe inspiring lump of wording.

    I've been looking (and continue to look) for a solution to this. It's frustrating! Help would be appreciated.

  2. EpsteinLlewellyn
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Can you give us a link to your site to look at? Also, what theme are you using?

    A typical WordPress site is divided into different containers, each formatted differently. It sounds like the container holding the top 10 posts on the main page -- which is typically called "narrowcolumn" -- has something slightly different in its CSS that is screwing up the display. Meanwhile, the container for the post when it appears on its own page -- typically called "widecolumn" -- is fine.

    It could also be a problem between to two pages themselves -- index.php (for the main page) or page.php (for the single post page.)

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