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    I run a test and when I switched between themes (tiga to default back to tiga), the post showed up. does anyone know if issues with tiga?

    the URL is

    Are you running any plugins that would be doing category filtering? Like a “side blog” or “asides” type thing?

    No, the only plugin i’m running is to email subscriberes on new posts.

    When you go to Manage -> Posts, what’s the timestamp on this post that’s not showing up?

    The post shows a timestamp of 2006-11-09 8:45:39 am

    As I said, it is showing now. Maybe it was a timing issue?

    Maybe create a TEST POST and see if it happens again. Don’t alter the timestamp or anything and use your current theme.

    I have the same problem — just some posts not displaying on the front page. This is using WP2.2.

    Surely this is a bug. If is tick the top item in the category list, it fails to show. If I untick the top item in the list, the post displays.

    Ok, this is weird. I can add the post to multiple categories and it displays fine, AS LONG AS I don’t add it to this one category. Strange this is, most posts in this category show up fine 🙁

    No most likely your theme is to blame. Switch to the default theme and try again.

    I should have mentioned that I am publishing using Windows Live Writer. But even posting directly within WordPress refuses to display a new test post???!!! Grrrrr!

    Ok, deleted the category — another bug in 2.2 — it does not put the posts into blogroll as it states — replaced category and now it seems fine.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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