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  • HELP! baffled here…
    My post wont appear on any page! whenever i create a post and publish it doesn’t appear on any page, i’ve tried using various page template but as soon as i change the page template then whatever was on that page disappears and the post doesn’t appear either?

    i’ve tried setting to various pages in settings/reading and various page template but it just wont work.

    however if i create a post and go to that post direct it works fine.

    for example this is a post i have created:

    and this is the page all the posts should appear on:

    any help would be much appreciated

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  • I have this problem too. It was my own silly fault I think, but I need to work out how to get my posts linked to a page. I’ve set it up so my posts go to a page called Latest News and my static page go to About me, but if I change the settings to make my front page my post page, the posts don’t appear.



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    is the ‘News’ page (‘blog’) selected as ‘posts page’ under dashboard -> settings -> reading ?

    yes it is set to “blog” in dashboard->settings.
    it doesn’t seem to matter what page i set it to, the posts just dont appear.
    i’ve done a few wordpress sites before but never had this problem.

    its a real headache!

    Latest News is selected as the posts page. Which is fine when you get to the home page below,
    but if you then click on the Latest News link the posts disappear
    (note this is in test mode at the moment).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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