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  • I have a “store” embedded in the draft of a new page and want others to be able to test it without logging in.

    I would like to publish the page so it can only be reached by direct link. I can hide the title from showing in the navigation menu but can’t figure how to keep the title from showing under Recent Posts.

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  • You can make the post/page private which will only allow those with a password to access the page, however the title and password access will be visible.

    If you are testing elements on a live site, it is recommended that you create a separate testing site that is a copy of your own and make the entire site blocked and private.

    One other option is to give those people logins to your site. Put the post/page in DRAFT status and they can log in and see the preview through the Administration Panels when they view the post information or through the link you provide to the preview post – as long as they are logged in.

    Thanks for the help – none of the options you mentioned are viable for me so I pressed on and found that if I change the published date of the page I want hidden, to older than the oldest post desplayed under recent comments, it hides just fine.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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