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  • I have a website and i want to create a post.

    Whenever I go to set the post name permalink it always adds a -2 at the end like that permalink already exists.

    Now I know it could be something like an image or something using that permalink but when i try and go to i just get a 404

    I have done a search in my media folder for “keyword” and it brought up a load of images, I deleted all the images permanently and doing a search for pages, images, catergories and tags brings up nothing

    When i search posts it brings up the 1 post i want to publish.

    Is there a way to check phpmyadmin to see what url is using what permalink?

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  • If a post with that name in the trash? Trashed posts will still affect permalinks as their slug will still be in the database.

    I dont think i have a trash?

    You won’t if there’s nothing in it, which rules that out. You mentioned deleting images from the media folder. Do you mean the literal folders via FTP, or from the Media Library in WordPress. If you don’t do it in WordPress there’ll still be records in the database that could affect permalinks.

    i did it from the media library within wp admin

    You might have tags or categories with the same slug as the post you’re trying to create.

    i don’t have any tags created and can’t see any catergories with that

    so any ideas?

    i can’t believe no one knows the answer to this one

    surely there must be a way to check phpmyadmin to see all the permalinks and what they are/where they go

    or a plug in that does this?

    ok i deleted everything

    posts, media

    then i thought i fixed it

    now if i do mydomain name / post-name-here

    it does take you to the right post but it redirects to the new post name

    i can’t set it to the original post-name-name

    it seems to add 15 or 17 at the end.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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