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  • I’ve been successfully using WP for months now, and it’s been working fine up until just about an hour ago. I was in the middle of posting something when my brother came and opened up a couple of PDF files, which (as they generally do with my slow ME and dialup) froze the computer. When he ended the explorer tasks, he closed my WP window and now I’m getting strange sql errors and I can’t login to wordpress. To see it, go to
    Any suggestions or fixes?

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  • It seems your WP installation cant access your database.
    Please check the wp-config.php for correct login data and make sure you can connect to the database server with those login data using phpmyadmin or similar.

    Well, it also seems that I can’t log into FTP OR my control panel. At first I thought it might have been the computer, but I switched to the upstairs one and it’s not working either. Plus now both of them take forever to even load the site, which I suppose is just because of the excessive errors..

    The errors usually shouldnt slow down the page, the only thing that could cause a slow down is if the mysql connect waits and finally gets a timeout after a few seconds.
    If you cant login via FTP either, i suspect the problem to be on your webhost’s side, not yours. Best thing is probably to wait a bit or email him.

    I’ve been experiencing the same problems (very slow connection, to none at all…no FTP, etc.)
    Mine has been traced to a relay/switch/whatever in Austin, Texas. It’s been down since about 8:00pm PST yesterday…Unfortunatly, it’s not the fault of my ISP or hosting company…it’s occuring somewhere in-between the two.
    Try this: open up a dos window (I don’t know about ME, but in XP choose Start->Run then type cmd and click ok.
    Next, at the dos prompt, type tracert followed by your URI. For example, mine would be tracert
    If it gets to your domain without errors, then it’s something else. If you get a series of “request timed out” errors, then that’s your problem.

    It looks like I probably had the same problem. I woke up this morning and my site was back on, so I guess that explains everything. The tracert command worked as well, and showed a visit from my host, so I assume they were trying to fix things.. Thanks for the explanation!
    PS. dos prompts for ME are just the word ‘command’ rather than cmd, for everyone’s future reference.

    “PS. dos prompts for ME are just the word ‘command’ rather than cmd, for everyone’s future reference.”
    Well, at least they’re consistent…NOT!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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