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    Is there a way to achieve post moderation, rather than comment moderation? That is, forcing posts to be approved by an admin/editor before being published. The feature only seems to exist for comments, not for actual blog posts.

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  • Yes, instead of authors, make people contributors. Everything they write up for a post will need to be approved. They can’t directly publish.

    Where does the posts appear from the point of view of an admin/editor? I can’t seem to find it.

    Just click on the manage tab, and you’ll see ‘others drafts’. click those to edit them. you can publish, delete, or edit the content like normal.

    There’s no “others drafts”.

    I’m using the “Limit Categories” plugin, as well as “Role Manager”. However, I doubt they would cause that.

    Edit: Apparently, you have to assign users to the Contributors group for that to work. Another group with the exact same permissions is apparently not sufficient. I suppose that’s a bug.

    This creates a problem for me as I kind of need to assign users to two groups as to disable moderation for one category and enable it for the other categories, or modify the Limit Categories plugin. However, I can’t modify Limit Categories if I can’t use customized groups for draft moderation.

    yep, as I mentioned, contributors instead of authors.

    I don’t see the problem do what I think you want. You already have the role manager plugin and limit categories. Just create new roles, and assign priviledges as you need. Or maybe I’m not getting exactly what you want.

    Basically, I need different groups of users to act as moderators for different categories (each group [Role] is assigned to one category, via “Limit Categories”). So far so good. However, I also want users to be able to post in categories for which they aren’t moderators (post approval required). This also works, but only as long as they aren’t moderators for other categories (I can’t figure out a “clean” way of allowing users to both be moderators for one category, and contributers for other categories). Now, I might attempt to modify “Limit Categories” so that it also gives the ability to write for a specific category, without publishing to it. However, this would only work if such posts would be treated as contributer posts, otherwise an editor or admin won’t be able to approve them.

    I am afraid I never heard about the possibility to assign TWO different roles to ONE single user. (I don’t say it’s impossible – though have no idea how to do it – it’s just an unusual request… I am just wondering how WP would know which hat the user has on?)

    It wouldn’t know. You’d have both assigned to you at all times, though Limit Category would be able to separate them depending on the actions you make. However, I imagine that assigning two Roles to one user might create a problem with the SQL database (can it store two different values for the same thing?)

    I haven’t looked at the code behind Limit Categories, but I imagine that it’s easier to hack that instead of WP itself. I was thinking of another row of checkboxes which lets you choose where the user (Role) has edit (write) permissions, as an addition to the checkboxes that lets you choose where the user (Role) has publish permissions.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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