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    This site uses the blog-layout in different places. You’ll see that “Dashboard”, “Examples” and “Theory” on the menubar all lead to the same layout.

    Can this be done in my Montezuma website?

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  • Yes, it’s a common feature with WordPress, you group together posts of different categories into a blog page.

    Let’s say I have a site where I want to publish articles/posts about Microsoft products, like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. I would first go to Posts > Categories from the admin dashboard and create three different categories corresponding to each product type. Then, as I create each post, I would assign it a category based on the product I was writing about (if you go into the Post editor, scroll down and you’ll see a section for Categorires on the right). If a post applies to more than one product, for example, both Word and Excel, I would assign both categories to the post.

    My home page, of course, would display all of the posts, regardless of category. But if I wanted to display a page of just posts about Word, I would create a menu item for that category by going to Appearance > Menu. On the left of that page should be a section called Catetories. I would pick the Word category, click the Add to menu button, then position the new menu item to the spot where I want it to appear. Of course, I could change the wording on the menu item, if I wanted.

    Now my site will have a menu item called Word, and when a user clicked on it, the page would display just posts that have the Word category assigned to it.

    By default, the theme will use the index.php Main Template to display the posts, just like the home page. However, if you wanted to have a different layout for your different category pages, you can create a category.php Main template, or even templates that are specific to a category (like category-excel.php). Read the documentation under Appearance > Montezuma Options > Main Templates > About main templates if you are interested in changing the appearance of your category pages.

    Thanks! Works perfect.

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