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    I haven’t found what I’m looking for with my current searches on the Support boards and elsewhere so…

    Is there a way to post a message at the end of a post noting when the post text was last edited or updated? This is not changing the date of publication for the posts themselves, but just notifying readers the content was edited/changed on xx/yy/zzzz at a certain hour and minute.

    You see this feature on vBulletin message forums and you tend to see it with articles posted by news organizations online. Is it already a built in features for WordPress or is there a plugin to accomplish this?


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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Just like you have the_date() and the_time() in your themes, to show the date/time the post was published, there is also the_modified_date() and the_modified_time(), which work in exactly the same ways, but show the last modified date/time.

    Ah, I should have checked the Codex after not being able to find it on the forums.

    Thanks a bunch, Otto. Appreciate it.

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