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  • Whenever I post a new article now, it keeps getting cut off. At first I thought it was a plugin because it is connected to my Twitter account and it posts an update on it whenenver I post something new so I deactivated it and tried re-posting it and it still cuts it off. Help?

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  • Have you tried disabling all the plugins and also using the default WordPress theme to see if the same problem can be reproduced?

    Yup, and my posts still continue to get cut off. If it makes any difference, I post photos along with my articles most of the time, and sometimes I hit enter once the text that go with that photo is done in order for me to post a new photo to align it left relative to the text, that way the text and photo coincide. I hope that made sense 😛

    I even used different browsers too, thinking it was my browser that was causing it but same results in each attempt, still getting cut off and the same point.

    That’s indeed strange. Never seem that kind of behavior before.

    Has anyone seen this before? And if so, how can I fix it? I need to get my site back up and running! XP

    When you edit the text with the post editor, is the whole text all there or they are gone?

    When I first write out the post, everything shows up just the way I type and format it. Once it hit Post, over half of the original article gets cut off. When I try and go edit it, the part of the original post that did not get cut off remains in the same format it was in originally. When I re-type everything else that was lost and hit Update, same results, everything gets cut off. The cut-off point was the same, however. Meaning where the post got cut off originally when I first typed it and posted the article is the exact same on when I tried to restore and update it.

    Looks like the text are cut off either:

    1. By a function somewhere in your site, via hooks, which is possible.

    2. By CSS, similar to

    I am using the Twenty Eleven theme which came default when I first installed WordPress on my server, and was the active theme after installation. The only change I made was to the banner. Twenty Ten seems to be similar, however I am not sure (I’m not big on themes). Would the CSS be the same in Twenty Eleven as described in the post you provided where it uses Twenty Ten?

    What if you test it by downloading another 3rd party theme, try to reproduce the problem?

    I never had the problem with both Twenty themes before.

    Installed 2 different themes besides the Twenty themes, both with the same results. Post gets cut off at the same points. 🙁

    One thing I noticed too is that it doesn’t do this on all posts, mainly big posts with lots of pictures and writing and whatnot..

    Just for the test, why not try to install wordpress in a subdirectory or subdomain, see if it reproduces the same problem? If yes, then it also might have to do with your hosting account… just guessing.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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