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    I just downloaded your application and it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I exported styles which I already put online and as a test I added 4 simple products to the csv then uploaded again.

    All was fine except 2 out of the 4 products came up as “product is not a product”

    What does this mean? How can I fix this?

    Otherwise, it seemed to work exactly how I want. Thanks. I have screenshots if you’d like.

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  • Hi @mikopia,

    This case happens when checked for update existing products and there is some other type of post with same ID exists in the database with different post_type like Order , Article …etc. Everything in WordPress is treated as post.

    mujeebur –
    If product “2” has a different ID than product “1”, but the same SKU as product “1”, and product “2” is assigned only to the On Sale category, why can’t that be imported?
    I’m working on rebuilding a large site (due to many problems) and when I imported the first time, none of the On Sale products were imported. Each product was created with WooCommerce – over 540 products. And the On Sale products were created within WooCommerce. But WooCommerce doesn’t recognize products that have the same SKU but a different ID.
    How can I import / merge the On Sale products?
    I tried the merge process and that fails too.

    Hi @nosirrag,

    We are using SKU/ID to check existing product.You can update existing product with SKU or by ID. If you are facing any issues for updating products, please share the message you are getting while update. You can check the import log under WooCommerce->System Status-> Logs

    During the import process, those products that fail have the “Parent is not a product” error in orange with the triangle to the left.
    In the Log, only the yesterday and today logs are available. There is no way for me to provide log information from July 7 or before.

    Hi @nosirrag,

    Please cross check your CSV with the sample CSV coming with the plugin.Please check if there is some other type of post with same ID exists in the database.

    Hi mujeebur,

    As I said above, there are products in the “On Sale” category that are NOT imported because they have the same SKU as their parent. But each product does have a different ID.

    You stated that the SKU and ID are used for the import and that either the SKU or the ID can be used on a product to be imported.
    Each of the products that was not imported uses a different ID than anything already in the system.

    To be clear, yes. The products I’m attempting to import use the same SKU as some other products.
    But the products that I’m trying to import use a “different” ID than anything in the system.

    Even if 1 product had the same ID, that should not stop all the other products from importing.
    But I know for certain that all of the “On Sale” items have a unique ID.

    Hi @nosirrag,

    Please try only using ID and do not map SKU. I hope that will solve your issue.
    Let me know if anymore issues

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