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  • 1) how about changing the get_cats and the archives functions to /not/ automatically return a

  • -value-
  • list? The others sections in the index.php template menu all take a “before” and “after” string; could those functions be rewritten?
    2) when you use the admin interface and perform something (add a category, make a post, etc) it’d be nice to have some recognition- the page after the submission looks like it stops partway through (something like “category added. click here to continue”)
    Other than that, I’m already happy 🙂

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  • yeah, I don’t like the lists either. It feels too much like someone is auto fromating my layout for me. Futhermore its a pain in the ass to remove it from b2vars only to have it added back everytime you upgrade. I’ve had to edit all my css files to reflect how the lists are handled.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head there Chris.
    The list of archives, for example, is just that: a list.
    Hence it is marked up (semantically) as a list.
    Then you use your style sheet to style it how you want.
    That is the way it is meant to be.

    Yes, but then you have to create more div ids classes and so on, because I may want to make a numbered list in my post, but what about the list items on the side or where ever. For me, I can change it. I know what I’m doing sometimes. But for a new user and someone new to css, they may get frustrated wondering why everything keeps having dots next to it.

    And here’s where my question lies; in the “pretty” menu division, there are several “lists”; links, archives, categories, admin and meta; some of them hard code in the “

  • ” and some ask for a “tag before” and “tag after” in the function call. Could we make all the function codes ask for the “tag before” and “tag after”?