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  • Hi there,

    We’re just tidying up the support forums for our plugins and noticed you haven’t receive a response on this thread. Do you still need assistance with this? If so let us know and we’ll take a look for you.


    Not sure. I quit using it.

    OK… in which case could you please mark this thread as resolved since you don’t require assistance any more?


    I quit using it because after over a month I had no response from support, so I said screw it and found something better – but the actual issue was never resolved.

    I’m a little confused. Your thread on the WPMU DEV forum is marked as resolved… and a suitable response was given (the CSS code fix).

    The Link for “Post In” only appears if you are a membership of a BuddyPress group, and if you add text to the post. The CSS fix you were given allows you to pick this option without entering text.

    Was there something else that is unresolved?

    The solution provided on WPMU did not actually fix my issue. That was the point of this thread in the first place, and for me – as a person looking for support from you guys … no it was never resolved.

    I appreciate your effort – but 2 months is a bit long to wait for a response from you on a support question I was having. Busy is one thing, but 2 months is completely different.

    My issue was not resolved, never given a second look and nobody really seemed to care. So – I ditched it and moved on to something else. How is that now considered “resolved” in your opinion?

    Yes, I am being a dick. I have a very sour opinion of WPMU and your “so called” support. I refuse to mare a topic as resolved after never having “one” reply of someone trying to offer some assistance. As far as I know – it is “not” resolved … I just gave up and found something else … as I have with every other plugin I have ever used from WPMU 😉

    Previous comment REMOVED… sorry I just reread the whole thread and it makes more sense now.

    Please bear in mind that is not our forum. We have recently reorganised staff so that we can include in our support efforts, which is why we are now doing what we can to catch up the backlog of support tickets.

    With that said, I’m not sure what assistance I can offer if you are no longer using the plugin. If you were still using it and the issue persisted I could ask you to provide more details so that we can establish what’s different in your case. Since you are not using the plugin any more, your issue is, in effect, resolved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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