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  • there is this plugin called “swipebox” (And maybe others that i don’t know of) which opens an image in a lightbox that is fullscreen (full browser width and height).

    I want the same effect for posts links.

    which means:
    When you press a post link it opens on the full browser space with this “x” close button.

    Anyone know’s of a plugin that does that or code?


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  • So you’re wanting your post to load up into the lightbox like an image would in it’s normal use?


    @begin, you could use some sort of AJAX to load an article into your lightbox element on your page dynamically.

    If done right, if ajax or javascript is turned off then it will have a fall back to go to the article’s own page anyway.

    I’ve not had chance to read this but by the title, this looks good

    Wow that’s great stuff! Thanks!

    Do you know how can i make that div (which i made 100% width and height) disable the regular scrollbar and make the scrolling function only for the content inside it?

    Hope my explanation is not to woobeley… 🙂

    Make sure you have a height set on the div and use

    div {
    	overflow: scroll;

    This will add a scroll bar if the nested content has a greater height than the specified height of the container

    Does that help?

    Sorry for the massive indentation above haha. need to cut down on the tab size in my text editor

    great! Thanks! i think i will try to use this “swipebox” and load the content with the javascript you provided instead of do it all from scratch…

    Thank! you really helped!

    I know when i started using Ajax, I got a bit lost but make sure you check your browser console to make sure it’s working correctly etc.

    But I’m sure you’ll find it amazing when it works!

    Pleasure to help you!

    Thanks you very much! Really helped me a lot!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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